the Ephemeral Me

ephemeral (adj) lasting for only a short time; transitory; transient;

Option Parsing in Python Scripts

Just wrote a command-line python script and want to spread the happiness to others by passing it on? If your last hurdle to this is adding ability to take command line options like those (cool) shell scripts, here is your solution.


There are many things that I find randomly on Internet that I want to remember. Until I make an app to organize these bits of knowledge (wait, that might be a worthy project in itself), I am going to store them here.

Customer Is Paramount? Duh!

I am a Tata DOCOMO subscriber for the last 3 years, as far as I remember. It’s a service that is available in towns and not so prominent in villages. I face trouble when I go back to my hometown, but I bear with it for the good offers they have.

Nonetheless, the relationship with this network has not been sweet always. There are far many incidents I remember when they took away my money for no apparent mistake of mine, but then I had customer support, whom I could contact for clarification/refund whenever applicable. I think when we pay an entity large amounts of money without real receipt/acknowledgement, the customer support plays a very important role in creating trust. Prompt, responsible customer care means one can ensure that his money is in safe hands.

Recently, Tata DOCOMO has become outrageous in terms of customer support, honesty and responsibility. I wish to detail this one encounter among the numerous ones that I had with this company.