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Embracing the Vim Way

· in technology

There are several reasons why vim is the best friend of a keyboard warrior. The ever-lasting emacs-vim war aside, I think vim is the best way to interact with your computer. For me the philosophy of vim is fascinating and I love it and I use it wherever I can. Today it just got better for me, and I’m going to show how.

Option Parsing in Python Scripts

· in howto, technology

Just wrote a command-line python script and want to spread the happiness to others by passing it on? If your last hurdle to this is adding ability to take command line options like those (cool) shell scripts, here is your solution.


· in technology, trivia

There are many things that I find randomly on Internet that I want to remember. Until I make an app to organize these bits of knowledge (wait, that might be a worthy project in itself), I am going to store them here.